Thursday, March 20, 2008

Did I doom myself?

Yeah. I did. I ended up getting that flu. It has kept me incapacitated for the past WEEK. The testing wasn't done and my head just did not want to get in the game.

Luckily for me, there are GREAT people I work with and they stepped up and took control. THANK YOU! I won't be complaining about testing again for about three weeks! Yippee.

Add the fun of a 101 degree fever, stuffed nose and hacking cough and well, it was a party here in my little house. There were moments when I wished for death. All I wanted to do was sleep but the coughing kept me from doing it. Sleeping while sitting up is not easy. I also had to fight the cat who wanted to sit on me. I had to explain to her that her mommy was not able to handle that... she didn't really get it. I just had to close the bedroom door. Poor B still didn't get her to sleep with him. I have missed our daily cuddles.

Spring Break starts tomorrow. That means my family is headed here for the wedding shower. It is time to fumigate the house but I still can't breathe well enough to get started. My nana and my mom will be here and the idea of giving them the flu would be the worst. Here is hoping that the Lysol works and doesn't kill me in the process!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Tunnel Vision

I can almost see the end of the testing cycle. Almost. Yet the kids keep dropping off and getting sick. I know that during Spring Break there will be AT LEAST a few days of fighting a flu-like disease. Lucky me!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Day... Another Test

Today is day number 5 of the state mandated standardized tests for children in grades 3-10 here in Colorado. As the Great Test Giver in my school I am charged with the dissemination of ALL of the tests... but this one is the biggest and "baddest." I have 280 children out of about 450 taking this during the morning and afternoon of this and last weeks. I have to make sure that the proctors are "proctoring," and the teachers are NOT teaching and that the tests are secure and locked up and that no one vomits on them or draws on them or reads ahead or discusses them outside the classroom. No wonder I feel like a prisoner myself.
Funny enough, the kids like this time because it is "different" and they get to play outside after the session. I think I would like that too.

Monday, March 10, 2008

First Timer

Hello All!
I have decided to finally join the 21st Century and become a player on the world stage of Blogging. It is time to put into cyberspace all of my thoughts and such. I can't seem to fill out my usual journal. Let's see if I can keep up with this.
Currently I am a teacher in Denver, Colorado. I have a lovely fiance, a sweet cat, a family that loves me and friends all over the world. The teacher-ing part of my life is at its stickiest. I love the kids and I love my school. I just don't love the system. But really, who does like "the man?"