Monday, April 20, 2009

Countdown to Summer

It is about six weeks until we are out for the summer. You say that I have it easy because I get my summer's off to frolic. I say yes. Mostly that is true. But I live a frugal life that allows for me to do that. I don't do much during the school year so I can spend time recuperating and rejuvenating. What about the teachers who are parents? What about the teachers who are caretakers of their parents or other loved ones? They don't get the luxury of having the summer "off." Most of them spend time working second or even third jobs. They give up family vacations for that horrid new idea of "stay-cations."
When will the general public understand that teachers are not babysitters and elementary school is not daycare?

When it happens, feel free to call me... I might be doing some other kind of work.