Friday, February 25, 2011


Sometimes we talk about things that others don't want to talk about... That person is left out.
"What could we talk about that wouldn't be good for K (who is a boy)?" says the speech teacher.
"Let's talk about pink," says S (who is a girl)

Not the best one... but it made me giggle.

I am listening to the speech class now... they are discussing idioms. I may need some oxygen from holding my breath to not guffaw at them.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today I have a rant of my own. There is always time for funny quotes but today I wanted to plug in some of my displeasure with my profession. I suppose there is always time for that too and a lot of people do it daily... luckily for you, this is my first written rant.

I am saddened by how we Americans think that our way is the best way no matter what. We are constantly pumping our imaginary fists into the air like so many Arsenio Halls. We find fault with the "thems" in our lives so much that we forget that we all came here from another place. Even our Native friends have been diluted by so much "other" blood that they would be unrecognizable to their forebears. As a teacher of kids from "other" cultures, I find that these babies take things very deeply when a person in authority tells them they are not up to snuff. These students come with history much more profound than our own and yet we want them to assimilate.

When I was a child, we talked of the Great Melting Pot of American society... David Dinkins had it much more accurate when he called it a Beautiful Mosaic. Are we forgetting to teach our teachers this in university? Are we so focused upon test scores and AYP that we forget to teach the teachers how to celebrate individuality and expression? What is the matter with us?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Quote from a fifth grader:
I can't do Greek and Latin today because all of the sudden the world has turned into 2D and that is strange.

And then:

I won't be able to go to music either because the teacher should be fired.